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What's OpenT120?

OpenT120 is an open implementation of the ITU T.120 standard.

It's main aim is to deploy a functional and scalable open implemention of T.120 set of data protocols, mainly of T.123, T.122/T.125, T.124 and T.121. In addition, the important APEs (Application Protocol Entities) are also planned to be implemented, those include: T.126 (SI, Still Image/WhiteBoard), T.127 (MBFT, Multipoint Binary FileTransfer) and T.128 (AS, Application Sharing).


1 Sep 2004, 13:28 - time to think

While discussing what tools will be used in OpenT120 *rebooted*, I've realized that C# was a great choice but that would bring a few problems, such as dependencies, once .NET libraries are assemblies which need a runtime environment (just like Java); i've been unable to find a free ASN.1 compiler/parser which generates C# classes and PER (de)encoder; there is already Pwlib which returns C++; etc.

I will discuss this in more detail with Joao and Hugo, and some others that are interested in this project. If you are one of those guys, please reach me by e-mail so I can take your tip(s).

31 Aug 2004, 15:48 - Reboot

After 17 months in the dark, OpenT120 rises once again!

As Hugo and Joao quit the project, I've decided to take it. I realize that this is a very big/busy/complex project, and I know that I'm going to spend hours and hours reading, coding, arguing, sleeping, etc. But I have the will to, so let's see what I am able to do.
For now i'm going to re-read the ITU docs and the current CVS code just to be on what I'm really supposed to do. By the way, I'm searching for a free ASN.1 parser/compiler for C# and a PER encoder/decoder, in order to migrate the code from C++ to C#. If you have any suggestions, comments, money for donation, or if you're just a preety girl, don't hesitate and contact me by e-mail.

OpenT120's website is *temporarily* non-acessible using the domain. Also the IRC channel at is no longer used for the purposes described in a previous new.

Why? That's a good question...


-The OpenT120 team

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