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What's OpenT120?

OpenT120 is an open implementation of the ITU T.120 standard.

It's main aim is to deploy a functional and scalable open implemention of T.120 set of data protocols, mainly of T.123, T.122/T.125, T.124 and T.121. In addition, the important APEs (Application Protocol Entities) are also planned to be implemented, those include: T.126 (SI, Still Image/WhiteBoard), T.127 (MBFT, Multipoint Binary FileTransfer) and T.128 (AS, Application Sharing).


New phase :)

I've decided to keep the original site, at least until something is done. But I don't want mixed stuff, so every news, requests, etc, go to this page. If you are really interested in this project, please follow this link.

31 Aug 2004, 15:48 - Reboot

After 17 months in the dark, OpenT120 rises once again!

As Hugo and Joao quit the project, I've decided to take it. I realize that this is a very big/busy/complex project, and I know that I'm going to spend hours and hours reading, coding, arguing, sleeping, etc. But I have the will to, so let's see what I am able to do.
For now i'm going to re-read the ITU docs and the current CVS code just to be on what I'm really supposed to do. By the way, I'm searching for a free ASN.1 parser/compiler for C# and a PER encoder/decoder, in order to migrate the code from C++ to C#. If you have any suggestions, comments, money for donation, or if you're just a preety girl, don't hesitate and contact me by e-mail.

OpenT120's website is *temporarily* non-acessible using the domain. Also the IRC channel at is no longer used for the purposes described in a previous new.

9 Jul 2003, 1:40 - In related news

OpenT120's website is now acessible using the domain.

9 Jul 2003, 1:37 - YASR (Yet Another Status Report)

The project is still up, but the work we previously reported extended until now. We are currently working in a redesign of the opent120 interface and code. The new T.125 interface is already in late stages of planning and developing should restart soon. T.124 and T.121 should follow. We strongly believe that the new interface will be better for developers, and the code redesign will help us fix some of our initial design mistakes.

15 Apr 2003, 21:28 - Status Report

Yes, we've been terribly quiet and there hasn't been much progress going. We've been terribly busy with other stuff (work and school), but we are getting some time for opent120 again now. We're thinking in starting a donation program for opent120 as our schedule as been tight regarding the project. So, if you want to help us out, either individually or if your company would like to officially support OpenT120 please contact us, we would really apreciate it.

17 Mar 2003, 12:53 - OS support update

Thanks to Roger Hardiman, OpenT120 now also builds and runs in FreeBSD (tested in FreeBSD 5.0).

14 Mar 2003, 23:42 - Poll

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